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Моят онлайн дневник Лично The richness of Bulgarian art and culture

The richness of Bulgarian art and culture

Bulgaria is very rich in art and culture. Sadly, this wealth was left in the past. Economic problems in the country today, prevent many of the talented persons to involve in creative and artistic work – painting, sculpturing and other forms of art. The efforts to preserve what’s left of our millennium old culture and traditions are also insufficient in today’s globalized society and bad economic condition of the country. The state on many occasions misses or refuses to take responsibility of our historic and cultural wealth or makes it a very low priority.

Ironically, if we did save what’s left from our past and present it in a much better way, we would attract so much more tourists that would boost the economy. That would also have an effect on our self-esteem and national proud and would make us at least a little bit happier – surveys show that currently Bulgaria is one of the ten “unhappiest countries” in the world.
There is, of course, hope. People like the academician and collector Svetlin Roussev, Boyan Radev – the largest contributor to the National museum and Svetlyo Kantardjiev who supports young talents in the arts, are having an impact and are inspiring many to start doing the same or at least to cherish our national wealth.
Culture, history and art are the three main pillars of any nation. I hope that we will realize that truth soon, stop tolerating degradation and corruption, and start rebuilding our glorious nation once again.

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